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Featured Artist 2019: Gene Fuller

Gene is a perpetual student and life-long learner. He graduated from Oregon State University in 1967 with a doctorate in zoology and continued on to teach and learn at Boise State University where, after 33 years, he retired in 2000.  Realizing that he would require endeavors to fill the time normally devoted to the rigors of academia, he explored the world of woodcarving. A friend provided an introduction to caricature carving through a class offered at Woodcraft in 1999 and, in the process, Gene was introduced to Cleve Taylor, the dean of Idaho caricature carvers. Afterward, a series of classes and group carve ins with Cleve followed in close succession. From that point the Idaho Woodcarvers Jamboree and the Glacier Rendezvous provided opportunities for him to learn from the leading carvers in the country in this genre. Although he has taken additional classes such as carving flowers in relief, bird carving, and portrait drawing he remains dedicated to caricatures.  His carving style reflects a blend of techniques acquired from his mentors and a desire to embrace subtle expressions and poignant moments.

He joined the Idaho Woodcarvers Guild where he has served as newsletter editor, trustee, treasurer, vice president, and president, as well as IWG show chair in 2004 and 2005.  He was inducted into the elite 25 member Caricature Carvers of America and served as an officer for the group until he opted to become an emeritus member. He is also a member of the National Wood Carvers Association and enjoys teaching free classes to pass on his art form.

Gene has a wife, Jackie, and twin boys, Brad, a dentist in Portland, Oregon, and Bret, a research psychologist at Oregon Health Sciences University, also in Portland. He currently lives in Boise but divides his time between there and Garden Valley, where he pursues a love of the outdoors such as hiking, fishing, cross country skiing, and being with friends.